Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to OpenCV-Python !!!

Welcome to OpenCV-Python !!!
This site provides some tutorials and examples on OpenCV-Python for absolute beginners.

Why this blog?

I started learning OpenCV a few months back. Before that, I used MATLAB for all my image processing purposes. The experience of shifting from MATLAB to OpenCV was amazing. Since i am a Python fan, I decided to use Python-bindings of OpenCV.

But as a beginner, I found a main problem in front of me. There are plenty of OpenCV tutorials available online for beginners, but most of them uses C++ for example codes. I couldn't find a single tutorial in Python for OpenCV. I could find a lot of OpenCV code in Python scattered online, but none of them was good for a beginner to start with. The best one I could find was none other than OpenCV-Python documentation. But it only lists the functions, not the examples using them.

Finally, I decided to start with C++ tutorials itself. I started to convert those codes from C++ to Python with the help of OpenCV-Python documentation. I decided to start a site or blog which shows the route i travelled to learn OpenCV so that it could be really helpful to the beginners. And here is the result.

Remember, I am also a beginner in OpenCV and I am still learning its basics. Here, what I am doing is, to give you only the outline ideas for a beginner to start with. For in-depth understanding, surely, I am not the right person to explain. But I know some good places where you can find them and I will share it with you as far as possible.

Some basic assumptions...

Here, I have made some assumptions...

1. You already know Python very well.
                Remember, this site only provides tutorial on OpenCV only, not on Python. So make sure, you have studied Python before beginning this site.
                Also, if you are good in C++, I would recommend you to use OpenCV in C++ itself. OpenCV can be used in C also.

2. You are using Python 2.7, OpenCV 2.4 and its python-bindings.
               I would recommend you to use Linux. It may be a little difficult at the beginning. But as time passes, you will enjoy it. You will feel the freedom of open-source.

I am always waiting for your suggestions and comments...

Feel free to talk for a better output...

You can contact me at: abidrahman2@gmail.com

Hope you will enjoy here...

Abid K.


  1. Looking forward to your work!

  2. Great idea, hope you keep the posts coming.

    There is a brief introduction and some samples of using OpenCV with Python in my upcoming book:

    Hope that can be of help.

    1. Best of luck on your book. I will be adding more posts within a month. Keep visiting.

    2. I just went through the draft of your book. It is really good for image processing enthusiasts. Recently, i completed sudoku reader in OpenCV and it works fine including OCR part . I will post details soon. I have explained OCR part here:http://opencvpython.blogspot.com/2012/04/simple-digit-recognition-ocr-in-opencv.html

    3. Hi,

      I'm from G+ Python community where you posted a tutorial post (and of course I also +1 on it).

      When I followed the link to see your nice works herein, Solem's book came into my mind. And it's good to find he's just given the comment!

      One of my 2013 TO-DO item is to complete the examples given by Solem's wonderful book, and your blog seems an another helpful place for me to learn these interesting topics. :-)

    4. Yeah, Solem is one of the early readers of this blog.

      Anyway, best of luck on your plans.

  3. hi, my tutor MR.rahman, i`m a Chinese student, no so good at English^ ^
    i am now beginning the trip on your tutorials, terrific for beginners, i just want to say 'thank you' below your blog
    best wishes to you, a kind and generous coder, i will also learn to you to share my knowledges with successors ~